Bulk Vinyl Decals - Welcome

Precision cut vinl decals, made from high quality gloss vinyl (matte also available).

If you sell decorated wine glasses, you can buy your decals in bulk.  Prices start at £9 per sheet.  Amount per sheet is dependant on size of decal.  If you have a design of your own in mind we'd be happy to help with that too.

Instructions are provided with regards to attaching the decals - please follow the instructions carefully.  Once in place, your item can be washed over and over - but hand wash only!  No dishwashers, no microwaves.  And no soaking - wash and dry carefully after each use and your decal should last and last.

Our bulk decals are supplied as separate lines/words, rather than whole decals.  This allows us to place more words on a sheet, and also makes it easier for you to place your decals on your glasses.

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