Application Guide for Vinyl Decals

Your decal has 3 parts:

  1. top - application tape
  2. middle - the deca
  3. bottom - backing paper.

1. CHECK YOUR DECAL before attempting to remove from backing paper. We’re only human, and mistakes can be made, but we cannot rectify errors if the decal has been removed from the backing paper, so it’s very important that you check your decal on receipt, and send us a photo of any errors we have made.
2. BURNISH. The decal is attached to the backing paper. Burnishing is the transfer of the decal from the backing paper to the application tape. Place the decal on a smooth flat surface and, using a vinyl squeegee (the edge of a credit card, or similar, will do the same job) apply firm, but gentle, pressure over every part of the decal.
3. LIFT. To remove the decal from the backing paper, carefully lift up one corner of the application tape and SLOWLY start to lift. SLOWLY is important! If your decal hasn’t attached properly to the application tape, lifting it too quickly will ruin it. Do this process slowly, and you will see if any areas aren’t attaching properly, and you will be able to lay it back down and go over it again.
4. CLEAN. Even if you’re using a 'new out of the box', or if it's been sitting clean in your cupboard, ALWAYS clean the area where the decal will be applied.
5. ATTACH. Hold the decal over the area where it is to be applied, and line it up, before laying it down carefully (decal cannot be removed once attached). Carefully press it down, using your fingers to flatten as you go, ensuring there are no air bubbles. Once it’s in place, using your burnishing tool, apply gentle pressure to stick it down firmly. (For smaller areas, your finger nails will do the job). When your decal is down, carefully (and again, SLOWLY) remove the application tape. If part of the decal lifts with the tape, just lay that area back down again and apply more pressure until it sticks.

These are basic application instructions, and there are lots of dfferent methods, and tutorials, online. You will also find tutorials online for attaching your decal to rounded surfaces.
Items with vinyl decals attached should be gently hand washed.